Our Core Features


Don’t forget to show your favorite websites some love. Add bookmarks of your most-visited sites to the widgets on your board and keep them safe and sound in cloud…and conveniently all in one place.

Check it off the list

Are you someone who usually bites off more than you can chew? (Don’t worry…you’re not alone.) With the Tixio checklist feature, you can easily make a list and check it off, item by item.

Wiki You

Make your own encyclopedia! Building a database with information chock-full of information about your organization can help to reduce the stress of finding just what you’re looking for while optimizing the work flow of the everyday.


Collaborate with your friends, peers, colleagues, or co-workers and watch your work process become super simple, streamlined, and efficient. When you give these guys instant access to their tasks, intel, and your best ideas, watch how the workday transforms.


Get back on the same page with your friends and your co-workers. Have you come across share links that could be useful for your colleagues, but you were’t sure the best way to share them? Do you have a to-do list you’re trying to tackle with more than one person? Creating a Tixio board is simple and makes sharing links and sharing the workload easy.

Once you invite friends, peers, colleagues, or co-workers to join your Tixio board, all of your widgets, including links and to-do lists, will be available for them to view and interact with. Now that’s called taking care of business!

Google Chrome Extension.

No one likes to waste anytime, so Tixio’s Chrome Extension feature allows you to add bookmarks straight to your boards. All functions in Tixio are thoroughly designed to help optimize your browsing habits, making it easier for you to get back to doing what you do best.

You Are In Right Place

Some of the best teams are already transforming their managment